Welcome to the Colossi Office!
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Welcome to the Colossi Office!

Home of the finest games to be made

November 19, 2021

Home of the finest games to be made

We’re more than excited to introduce our new, first real office to you! During the pandemic all our team has been working entirely remotely, so we are more than happy to have the opportunity and leave our kitchen tables and bedrooms for a shared creative space in Limassol! Bright, newly built, with a huge balcony and of course a splendid view of the Mediterranean Sea.
Located only 10 minutes walking from the famous Dasoudi beach, it sits on the edge between a busy street housing tasty restaurants and convenient shops and the residential Papas area.

Our huge balcony is our safe space to relax, have a small talk with colleagues and enjoy the beautiful sea view. It’s almost always sunny in Cyprus (zero rain between March and November!) so at times we also have lunch outside. The last team photo shooting was also done on our balcony because of the amazing day lighting conditions.

We have two separate office rooms as well as a meeting room to provide comfortable work conditions. Every workspace comes with a height-adjustable table, an ergonomic chair, and as many monitors and graphics tablets as necessary and desired. We asked all employees what they lack in the office – so we got a lot of plants from the Green Valley, nicknamed plant sanctuary for its almost botanical garden-like variety, drawers for personal belongings, and blankets because no two people can ever agree on what is too cold for the aircon settings.

It is very important for us to create the most comfortable working conditions, so we are constantly trying to improve our office – we’re still debating on pictures and window foliage. Another perk is our totally free-floating work hours, so each employee has access to the office at any time of the day, or night for that matter.

But make no mistake: Working in the office is still not mandatory. We work incredibly well together being remote, and being in the office just adds one more option for those who seek for a better distinction between home and work life. Some colleagues even just come for 2-4 weeks of workaction, trading the familiar surroundings for a breather and the beach.

Sounds like a dream place worth contributing to? Check out our openings: https://www.colossi.games/vacancies/