UX/UI Artist

The game was released globally this February showing really positive and promising metrics, and we have lots of new features coming. Our office is in Cyprus, Limassol but we have no trouble with remote work though it will be a great plus if you live in Cyprus or are ready to relocate. We hire professionals who are experts in their fields and know how to work as a team by sharing feedback and asking for it. We don’t count hours but expect the results and transparency.

We hope that you will be able to:

  • Develop the current style and mechanics of UI/UX
  • Create new game windows for complex mechanics by using 2D art, old and new self-drawn UI elements
  • Cooperate with game designers, artists and programmers to find the best ways of implementing a new feature into the game
  • Constantly playtest our game in search for ideas how to make our UI/UX better
  • Stay on top of modern trends and best references from mobile gaming UI/UX
  • (Optional but desirable) Layout UI in Unity or express will to learn how to do that
  • (Optional but desirable) Create animations for UI and implement them in Unity

For which tasks (responsibilities)?

  • Experience of working in games professionally and understanding of mobile game UI requirements
  • 2D graphics package skills, like Figma/Adobe (Ps, Ai)
  • Knowledge of colour, composition and chromatics
  • Creativity and artistic taste
  • Love for games (a big plus if those include mobile ones)

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