Unity Developer

Colossi Games has been founded by veterans of the Russian mobile games industry, with the goal of breaking out of the corporate life and create amazing games with a small team.

For this, we are working part remote, part in Cyprus – in the office or at the beach – and would like to invite professionals to join us. We are securely financed to bring our first game – a 3D survival meets battler RPG – onto the market early 2021, and firmly believe that everyone contributing should be rewarded so we’re giving out employee stock options for those who demonstrated their fiery eyes.

What are you working on?

  • The name of the project(s): Gladiators: Survival in Rome
  • At what stage of the project(s)? Pre-Alpha
  • Genres: Action, Role-playing, MMO
  • Platforms: Mobile, iOS, Android

Team size and structure?

12 +

For which tasks (responsibilities)?

  • Design, implement and test gameplay mechanics and game systems
  • Develop internal tools and editor extensions on demand
  • Develop custom UI-elements and components required to build game UI
  • Resolve game bugs and issues including but not limited to performance issues, platform-specific issues and invalid or unexpected game behaviour
  • Cooperate with game server developers to design and implement client-server interoperability
  • Write clear and maintainable code following company best practices and guidelines

What kind of professional are we looking for?

  • Demonstratable C# Programming skills
  • Unity 3D knowledge with shipped projects
  • Conversational English is required, Russian a plus

What is important for us in a person?

  • Sense of ownership to feature development
  • Self-diligence to track and deliver while working from home
  • Flexibility to be called/flown to the office when necessary

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Our benefits

  1. A competitive salary that matches our ambitions, plus stock options Relocation Assistance to Cyprus once the travel restrictions are over.
  2. Flexible work time schedule in line with responsibilities towards your colleagues.
  3. An office so close to the beach that you might jump into the waters every day.
  4. A team that has the experience of doing and delivering top results in their sphere.