Community Builder

As we are busy developing features and are sprinting towards Soft Launch, we now want to onboard the most critical marketing positions, specifically with a Community Builder. We are all working hands-on and strive to have a lean team with a lot of responsibility and very little micromanagement, so it is paramount to identify the right candidate that will from April:

What are you working on?

  • The name of the project(s): Gladiators: Survival in Rome
  • Genres: Action, Role-playing, MMO
  • Platforms: Mobile, iOS, Android

Team size and structure?

12 +

For which tasks (responsibilities)?

  • Define and take ownership of communication channels for different purposes, audiences and cultures, and fill these with life consistently and in an engaging way
  • Be the face of the company towards the player community, by building trust, sincerity, honesty and helpfulness
  • Lead the storytelling across the content mix from dev blogs to Social Media content
  • Choose, manage and empower community evangelists, moderators, and other elevated voices
  • Plan, manage, execute and document the entire communication pipeline organisationally and within deadlines
  • Work hand-in-hand with artists and game designers to ensure content creation schedules match the development pipeline

What is important for us in a person?

Let’s get this straight: Our belief is giving more creative and organisational freedom than you might have experienced before, and expect a strong self-diligence and ‘fiery-eyes’ attitude.

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Our benefits

  1. A competitive salary that matches our ambitions, plus stock options Relocation Assistance to Cyprus once the travel restrictions are over.
  2. Flexible work time schedule in line with responsibilities towards your colleagues.
  3. An office so close to the beach that you might jump into the waters every day.
  4. A team that has the experience of doing and delivering top results in their sphere.